Thursday, 13 September 2018

Hit-Final Session

Today was our final session of HIT ,For our HIT exercise were tap step, push up , star jump , sit up , and also for the pas 15 weeks that we have been doing Hit. We did our Hit training for Aut research team to make pau te hau that means getting puff , and we did better than last term because we put more and more effort to it and our heart motor unit it was red to a 100 and everyone do they best to make they make all of the heart motor red. Our HIT were good because we did'nt give up , and the hard part our this HIT session is doing the exercise fast and fast unit we were are buffing and huffing ,But first we do some warm ups before we do the excise like walking on the spot and jogging on the spot and ruining very fast and high keens sprint , and that was fun about doing it is doing excise and do HIT twice a week .

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