Friday, 15 December 2017


I Figured out some of the Maths results but some were hard to answer.
But each score I got in total  was 20/40 I had Timed the score 10min and 10s.
They were 1000 to 20 to 10.
It was a little hard on the 1000 column but the others were fine.
Division was hard for me because I had to divide my numbers into fractions.  

keyboarding drills

Keyboarding Drills Level 2

Copy each row of letters on the row below. Use the correct fingers.

qwertyuiop poiuytrewq qwertyuiop poiuytrewq
Awertyuiop poiuytrewq qwertyuiop poiuytrewq
qawsedrftg p;olikujyh qawsedrftg p;olikujyh
Qawsedrftg p;oikujyh  qaweerftg  p;olikujyh
paosidug qhwjekrlt; paosidug qhwjekrlt;
Paosidug qhwjekrlt; paosidug qhwjekrlt;
we too rip were equip quit yet tyre you peer pewter wore
two pie row toy retire pottery quite wire trip yew
we too rip were equip quit yet tyer you peer pewter wore
Two pie row toy retire pottery quite wire trip yew  
Pretty Owe Wrote Pet Your Pore Tower Rot Yoyo Out Witty
Tree Wet Our Require Io Up Ore Poetry Top Tour Putty
Pretty Owe Wrote Pet Your Pore Tower Rot Yoyo Out Witty
Tree Wet Our Require Io  Up Ore Poetry Top Tour Putty
Today I did Keyboarding and it was hard because you had to writing down lot's of words and some of them is easy but it look hard to me and I like the way that I was focus typing down the words and  some of the words had's big letter and same are small and we had to type the letter's without missing out any letter's and 
I will focus on typing and I am level 2 and I still made it it was pretty hard to do and it is good for 
typing faster for the kid that use two fingers . 


Today  there were zombies everywhere and there are lot's of them there also
no food to eat and drink and we need food to survival and I am by my self
and no one help me and  I wanted to survival the night of zombies might
poison your food and it might make you to be an zombie .


LI: To use a range of comprehension strategies to go deeper into a text.
I learned to make a video that me and my group made to talk about the news story's. and there are lot's of facts that we had read and
we had to shared the facts with everyone . And this the video will show you what we had read.

writing Origami Helmet

Today I had been changing stuff of my writing and I had to change the writing that
was last week and the Origami Helmet was fun to make it and we had to
change that words and there  to have a full stop at the ending of sentence
and you always to remind you about tree.

Kiwi Sports

Today this was the last day of kiwi Sports  and we play games an d trick shot and
this trick shot is hard to do and you had to make the thing to hit to stuck on your bat
and then we play games and it was one against one and then I rule that court then our
teacher came and took over and get everyone out for the court . And then we
did it in partners and me and my partner was ruling then there were another one team
came and challenge us then they beat us then we came and beat them and that was'

Friday, 8 December 2017

table conga

Today I going to tell you about table conga and it a game that is making to learn you times table and you had to look for number that you had to learn time tables and You had to look out for the x you see one run away from it . And if you hit on the x game over and try to get all the numbers before there going to be lots of x and I did my 7 time tables .

Origami Helmet

Today for writing we did Origami Helmet and the origami  look's cool and it fun
to do it and there are  more Origami to make and the Origami Helmet and
it was hard to do but I still did it.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Our Local Community


Today for inquiry we had to our local community  and the three
we had to pick three thing ton write about it and the community I pick
is army , Politicians , food services and we had to write down what about
 the thing that you pick

kiwi Sports

Today we went to Kiwi sports in the hall and we play stuck in the mud and the tagger is Jonathan ,Alex ,Mojtaba , Nevaeh. And after that had to get a partner and my partner is peter and we had to throw the saddle and the other had the racket and then the person that had the saddle had to throw it to the person that going to hit it and when the person it you had to catch it and you had to count up to five then we went back on the floor and we had to play a game

Daily Information

This week for reading we have been looking at the 6 news categories. National, International, Business, Sports, Entertainment and Weather. This week we had to get into groups and create a DLO or website including each of the topics but except for Weather. The leaders/editors of the groups were the people from Rudolph the Reading Reindeers. Victoria, Nyjah, Jack, Alex and Joseph but on the day that we were organizing who is in which group, Joseph was away. I was in Victoria’s group. In my group I had Karlos, Matthew, Xavier and Mele. First we discussed who would be doing which category, what we were going to use to put all our information on and the title of our news paper. We agreed that we would be using a google slides and the title of our news paper would be - Daily Information. Victoria’s job as editor was to make sure we were doing our work correctly/properly, make sure our information is true and make sure it is not all copy and pasted. Victoria worked on Entertainment, Xavier and Karlos worked on Business, Matthew worked on national, Mele worked on Sports and I worked on international. The newspaper had to include an attributed image so it could help the reader understand or have a view of what is going on or what it is, the date and a title for the newspaper. Also, the event had to have happened anywhere from the 28th of November to the 4th of December.
Victoria - Editor

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Kiwi can

Today we were going to kiwi can and we played lots of games and we had to get a group of five and in those group of five you had to challenge each other and the first game is shark attack and for that game  you had to run a away from the shark and the shark was my team and there were safe zone and the safe zone is island's and we had to count up to five but we can't run with the ball you had to pass to your team mates and tag the person that are running and then we allow to take two step's and I got 3 people on the other team and it was fun and I really like the games it was fun and making to be a good team mate .  

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Blog commenting

Last week we did four question and we had to comment on Mr o maths group and 
we had to answer the question that you comment on and we had go on a google drive 
or google drawing so we had to make a T chart and then add question on it and put up 
photo's on it and make the people that are commenting on your blog to try and answer 
the question that you blog and I comment on Andrew and his blog has a blur and Labels 
and here is the link to it   Andrew blog pos  and how I got the answer by using counting and additions
and subtractions and time tables