Thursday, 27 July 2017

Capital letter and full stop

  • capital letters
  • Last year we went to France for our holidays. It was very warm.
  • Have you seen born free? It’s a film about lions in Africa.
  • After speaking to Jim, I went home. It was a long day
  • Easter is sometimes in March, but this year it is in April.
  • What day is it today? It’s Sunday.

  • Full stops  
Fred has a dog the dog is called Ned .​ Ned is brown with white patches and a ​white face. Fred likes to play with Ned. ​Ned is naughty if Fred throws the ball .​ Ned will catch it in her mouth Ned runs ​away with the ball she will not bring it ​back . Ned will walk on her lead if Ned is ​not on her lead she will run away. Ned ​likes to chase cats and rabbits she digs in ​daddy’s garden mummy takes Ned for a  ​walk to school to collect Fred .Fred loves ​to see Ned after school . Ned loves to see Fred too.

LI: To use capital letters in our writing.
LI: To use full stops in our writing.

Today I been doing Capital letters and Full Stop . And i no some thing about Capital letters. They start by the starting of the tex and after a ? ! . that is where you put your capital letter and it could be a name and place and holidays that is my blog.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Duck Overboard

Text title: duck Overboard  
Author: By Mr Ebbesmeyer
I think the main idea of this text is  29,000 of plastic yellow ducks got spilt out .
One example of a supporting detail is they were toys destined only to bob up and down.
Another example of a supporting detail is  The ship was hit by storm and the duck was going overboard.  
It is clear that the main idea is  They have landed on beaches in Indonesia, Australia, Japan, South America and North America and some have even been found fifteen years later .

because 17,000 kilometres away on the shores of Great Britain ducks were on the sand sitting there for ever

Today we been doing duck Overboard and we have to make the main idea of the story and i use information from these three links and it was fun to do and we have to makes supporting detail about how did the yellow duck move around the world. So after that we have to clear out the main idea  and add the because too.  

Compare and Contrast

identify characteristics of a good team

Identify characteristics of a good team member

Today i did compare and contrast and we have to work in parter so it was me and jack made the information
and we have to make the different and the same.

kiwi can


Today we done Kiwi  Can and we play two drifferent games and we been learning about emotion and feeling . This is one of the games  number 1 emotion band. This is one of the game number 2 emotion statue. And the one who teach us Mr malo . And Mr malo tell us show your emotion.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Celebrtions around the world

L.I. - To develop an understanding of the different elements of Matariki

Today we was been doing Celebrations around the world and I have to make every one of them . And I have to make the google drive for it so I can write on it . And I make my google drawing on google drive. Then after that you have to look up the celebrations around the world and  when you found one take it and write it down . When you did that you have to blog about how to do you do it and why did you do it and when did you do iT.

Tamaki Wrap

Today I  was  doing  how many plastic bag and it like a football field and it is bad to have that much that when you waste you bag and put it in the bin you should Recycle the bags and or use it for your rubbish and or for your shopping
and it is hard to not use plastic you use it for everything. 

Venn diagram

LI: to engage with current events.

Today I been doing Venn diagram and makes the venn diagram good and I it is hard to do it but I tried my best so I learn that we have to blog up the blogpost and I also learn that I to make the different same .