Friday, 28 October 2016

mian idea


The main idea of the text is new zealand team going to Rio 2016
One example of supporting detail is The New Zealand Women’s Sevens team qualified for the Rio Games by reaching the top four during the 2014/15 Women's Sevens .

Another example of supporting detail Twelve men’s teams and twelve women’s teams will compete at Rio. Both the men’s and women’s

competitions will be held at the Deodoro Stadium:                                        tournament played there in 1883. For the next 100 years it was played only at a local: Rugby sevens has its origins in Melrose, Scotland, with the first international

level in Scotland and England.vIn the 2014/15 season, New Zealand finished third in a tight tussle, which eventually saw Fiji edge Southtriumph of the USA in winning the London Sevens in May 2015 underlines how competitive the men’sgame is becoming.

jonathan maths'

 LI: to identify division word problems and solve using times tables.

Today we did the share between two and it was not hard and it was really fun to go on

it and word problems  and division  and times tables

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Billy jimbob

Billy Jimbob QAR Questions.

  1. What is Billy Jim Bob's real name? William  james robert’s.
  2. What are some different ages Jimbob invented things? Spaces ship and a lawnmower potato peelings
  3. Where did Billy make the rocket? At the shed.                and the If you were Billy how would you get the rocket out of the shed? By the lawnmower .
  4. Where were some places Billy visited in his rocket? Egypt and eiffel tower and grand canyon  and the moon.             
  5. What places in the world would you like to visit some day? Mars
  6. Why did they not get out on the moon? Because  they wanted to go around the world.
  7. What was the problem at the end of the story? They were stuck  and they can’t come back to earth .
  8. If you were Billy would you have left today to visit tomorrow and why? Because  jim bob was out of gas  
  9. Do you think exploration is important?  

LI- To use QAR to help answer comprehension questions
today we did ajimbo

Thursday, 13 October 2016

multiplication word problems

LI: TO identify  multiplication word problems and solve using times tables. Today and multiplication word problems and we have to do a math's


Ll: Edit to add effect in a narrative text. Today we did simile and metaphor and  it was not the hard and we have to do a Narrative.