Thursday, 20 June 2019


For Monday we had ballet lesson It was really Fun doing pose and the swarn , but when i first did it i think i look silly when i was doing then i was getting to get step by step  , and I learn new thing about Ballet That i haven't known they taught a dance form there current show is white swarn  and black swarn Chole was teaching us the moves and acting like a swarn . So Chole was a Royal New Zealand Ballet and we had dance and it was really really fun learning about ballet .

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Waltzing Matilda

Yesterday I made a main idea about a Swaggman (Seasonalworker) that was looking for a job because it was hard for people in a Australia in 1880's and So there was a swaggman was stole the sheep and trying to run away from the police from getting the sheep , so then he escape from the police from  Jumping in the water hole and legends have said you will hear the a sprit saying you will be a waltzing Matilda with me from the eakos from the water hole . I think about the writer was talking about people that from the days it was a hard life for the people that didn't get any money or a home

Monday, 17 June 2019

Waltzing Matilda Summary

On Monday  for Reading we were making a summary by a poem called Waltzing Matilda
so it is about a swagman (Seasonal Worker) that means for each season the swagman was
working for picking up apple from the tree for summer or spring , so then he was walking on foot
talking to each land onwer to get a job from there , but known one will acpecet him becuase it was hard in the olden days. So then one day he was under a coolibah tree waiting for something and then it was getting late , but he saw a Jumbuck ( sheep ) was drinking from the billabong (waterhole) then he put the sheep in the bag and runing a away , but the land owner call the troopers (Police) . In the poem it talks about people in the olden day that it was hard for people get jobs and money , so this wrtiter was writing about peom that of a man that had stole a sheep for food becuase he had no food and no house to sleep .

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Maths Vocabulary


Today my group (Me, Jayden and Jonathan) and I worked on this Maths vocabulary activity. It was made by Whaea Donna to help kids understand what some maths words meant. Mrs Anderson asked us what a plane is. Everyone thought it was a flying vehicle but because she was talking about the flat surface plane, all of us were wrong. This was a really good way to show us that words might mean something different in maths. If we didn't know a word Jayden would go on the explore tool to find out the meaning. I would drag the ones I knew and the ones that Jayden and Jonathan didn't know into the bottom section. Jonathan was helping me by dragging the words that go in the top section. After we finished it all of us had a good understanding of most of the maths words. Jayden, Jonathan and I worked collaborativly together as a group to complete this activity.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Life In Space

For this week inquriy we being taken care of our experments , and we have finish the planent
part before upadte the progress for our plants . Also I have learnt about How I have feel when im
in space and I have found out that Jupiter is famous for it red spot that is a massive hurricane that been raging over 300 years on jupiter  and It was a great cool learning about the life of space , and some times .

Friday, 7 June 2019


This week for tech I been writing things for satfty things in the kitchen . There were some question and some picture to answer and there were some word puzzles it was really challenging becuase some of the word puzzles were hard to find and I had found 11 to 15 , so I needed to find 4 more words . Then I was cricling around the things that bad in the kitchen , and I had found 19 picture that looks
bad in the photo of a baby trying to get a cookie from the cookie jar like there were a toaster wire was in the water next to the baby , and  Then we stared to name the equitment for cooking like the rolling pin and the cupcake tray then , but the thing a learn is about the safety of cooking food .

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Animation DLO

This week for reading we used our creative skills to create an animation or an explainer movie about Yuri Gagarin, in groups. My group and I decided to create an animation. Before we created the animation, we planned it as a group. On a piece of paper we drew a S to include the information we wanted about Yuri Gagarin from the start to the finish. A fact about Yuri Gagarin is that he was the first cosmonaut to orbit Earth in Vostok 1. After planning the animation, we started to create our animation. We chose a leader to tell us our job of creating our animation. We all decided that Chavda was the right leader of our group. My group and I worked together as a team and helped each other to complete our animation. I think that everyone in my group had great create skills and are really talented in drawing digitally.