Monday, 17 December 2018

City Of Sails - Challenge 5

There were a lot of tasks to choose from. We are called the City of Sails, because of the number of boats and yacht marinas that are off the shore. After selecting the task we were to create a DLO based on that task with creative drawings. We were to create a least 5 activities, sine there are 5 days in school and it was every cool doing it becuase it makes me learn . 

Cyber Learning Journey

This was a challenge to use our researching skills. These sidles will talk about different kinds of places in the world. The first sidle talks the Opera House in Sydney Australia. We were to to add 5 interesting facts about the Opera House and answer the questions ,  Also it was hard to do but , their were more to do and some of the places that I had known . Some of places have been hard to get the right information and easy on of all is mona lisa .

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

As part of our City of Sails Challenge we had to research a Kiwi Invention. We chose Hokey Pokey Icecream. Hokey Pokey Ice Cream was tricky to find out which New Zealander actually invented it because there many different theories about who it was. I think it was Brian Simon becuase there was more information about him. Who did you think it was?

Friday, 23 November 2018

Athletics Day

On Friday we had our school athletics day. There were ten bases also there were 4 colors for each group. My first round was throwing the discus in to the hoop and my team had to get more points then the opponents. Then the next round we did rob the nest but there were people that had bib tag people that try to rob their nest , Also we came second for the rob the nest it was not that hard because we work as a team to rob our opponents nest. I learn that working as a team that can beat our opponents .


Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Read theory Progress

Today for reading I have being looking at my progress for read theory  , and also I had fun doing this because it helps me for my reading like skimming and scanning the text and next year I  will reach to 10. This progress show me what have I being doing for this in this year , and my teachers thinks that this progress is a amazing to it.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

World War 1 Qusetion

LI: Remember to use your own words and acknowledge your information sources and attribute any images you use.

Today I made a DLO  that I had made question about WW1 and think about what I'm going to write, but we had to work in partners to finish this task and also my did the pictures and I did the writing and I had learn that being in a war that were being a risk, but it also tells me that they fight for our country , and so I had look for information to write down what question did I write and answer for it . I learnt that so many children were kill in action and adults and one of my question are what kind of weapons did they bring to war and the answer is they bring mini gun and tanks and planes that drop big rockets and when it hit the ground it blows up.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

10 Question about my book

 This week our school are celebrating of Book week , also I made a google drawing to write ten question about my favorite book goosebumps and I were thinking about the cover and the text sentences about my favorite book.