Thursday, 5 July 2018

Jonathan- Get wise

Today Get-wise we have play game and this game Jaydon from Getwise he gave fake money like 100 $ , and also
we have to pay the passport to fiji and also pay the fights . Then Jaydon form ASB Get- Wise that talk to us about saving money and spending money , and also I learnt that the more money you spend the money And it was every about Get-Wise.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Jonathan- Matariki The Maori new year

Today is Matariki and also the fourth of july and I have made a DLO about
Matariki The Maori New Year , And also the people in my group is Me, Diana ,
Fanini,Neveah were team working to compete our DLO about our DLO . And I have lots
of fun we all eat and look at the performs , and I have learnt  to collaborate to each other learnt  and what we have shared to make our work done .

Friday, 29 June 2018

Group 3- East Cape

East Cape
       Image result for East cape lighthouse
Information about the East cape lighthouse
The East cape lighthouse is located on the east coast, Otiki Hill above East Cape, North Island.

The East Cape Lighthouse stands 15 metres above sea level.
The East Cape Lighthouse is accessed by a walking track of some 700 steps.

In 1954 the light was converted from oil to diesel generated.

Getting to East Cape Lighthouse

East Cape Lighthouse is accessible to the public.
It can be reached on foot from the car park at the end of East Cape Road.

From the East Cape Lighthouse,
visitors can look out onto East Island where the lighthouse was originally located.

Lighthouse feature: Details
Location: latitude 37°41’ south, longitude 178°33’ east
Elevation: 154 metres above sea level
Construction: Cast iron tower
Tower height: 15 metres
Light configuration: 50 watt rotating beacon
Light flash character: White light flashing once every 10 seconds
Power source: Mains electricity
Range: 19 nautical miles (35 kilometres)
Date light first lit: 1900
Automated: 1985
Demanned: 1985
Fun Fact
  • East Cape was named by James Cook
  • The East Cape Lighthouse was originally located on East Island Whangaokeno, And
It takes 700 steps to get to the lighthouse.
  • The lighthouse was first lit in 1900.
  • The road to the lighthouse clings to the coastline,
and there are numerous sandy beaches just meters away.
  • The Araroa is the gateway to the East Cape Lighthouse.
Almost 600 visitors visited the East Cape Lighthouse.
  • The St Mary's church is one of the most popular churches in New Zealand.
  • February 2002 using a 50 watt tungsten halogen bulb and has a backup battery.
  • In 1971 the lighthouse was connected to main power and the station was automated
withdrawing the last keeper in 1985.
  •  April of 1922 the light was extinguished,
tower and buildings were relocated to East Cape at Te Araroa.
  • The lighthouse is located in Gisborne/East Island.
  • There is a camping ground which is near the east cape lighthouse.

Distances from P.B.S To Lighthouse In Time
7 h and 37 min 516 km

This week Mr Johntson created tasks for us that included reading and inquiry.
Our task was to research about specific lighthouses around New Zealand.
Firstly before we went on with our lighthouses we split into 10 groups.
In each group there were approximately 5 to 6 students.
Now let’s get on with the working part.
After each group were given their own lighthouse to research on,
they got on working.
The lighthouse that we were working on is called East Cape Lighthouse.
For this task I worked with Harlem, Nickela, Joel and Sanujan.
I learnt that east cape lighthouse is made is out of Cast iron tower, and I also
learnt that PBS to east cape is about 7 hours and 37 min 516 kilometres just to go
PBS to East Cape.I had fun doing this task because i learnt more and more
and more. That is why I having lots of fun about doing this task.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Group 3 - M&M's


This week for maths we were a group in the group we have to different things and in my group is Sanujan, Joel, Nickaela, Harlem. We were to make a google sides' , to make a DLO about M&M . We also have to make side like first we have to put a tittle , and also we put  information about when did blue M&M was added because in 1954 Mars who made M&M. My Teacher was Mrs Anderson and Mrs Kirkpatrick went to Chicago .So I hope they are having fun and I learnt that M&M were added in 10 of September 1941 .We also use team work to finish off our presentation and also we shared idea's with each other to finish the work , and our group collaborate with each to look for information about M&M what is stand for ,also it was hard because each person in my group was doing each side but some of them don't o about what are they doing. Also M&M stand for "Mars"&"Murrie" that what I learnt and M&M originally came in cardboard tubes.

Thursday, 21 June 2018


Today for HIT we were giving everything we have got and I have learns new  exercise like  the push up and pull up and squats and we have to be in a group of six and in the group of six we have partner s and one partner do the  exercise  and the other just wait for they turn but I don't mean stand there doing you have to do something like warming up , so when it your turn you just do the exercise and the hard ones was pull ups and push up and my arm was so sore that I make to make it around to make it stronger and the last round was giving what you have got . I was so tired and exercise are good for your body so you will be strong  and Pau te hau Get puffed  

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Jonathan-key Evaluation part 1

Key into Evaluation
Level One Set T1

Evaluation requires the skills of reorganization and inference.  Answers must come from the information in the story. Look for keywords. Consider the author’s purpose (PIE).

A Shortcut

The cows were a surprise to Amy.  They weren’t usually in the field that
was sometimes used as a shortcut to get to the beach path.
 She was only about halfway across when she had the feeling
that someone was behind her.
Turning around she had seen six large dribbling cows coming towards her.  T
hey must have come from under the trees at the far corner of the field.
They got closer with every step. Their heavy breathing and wet eyes frightened her.

She stopped, frozen to the spot.  The cows stopped too. Silent and still, they seemed to study Amy.  
Then slowly they moved forward. Their big feet made only a soft sound on the grass.  She looked around.
There was nobody in sight. Her heart was beating fast and her mouth felt dry.  

She took a step backwards.  The cows didn’t move. Slowly she backed up a few more steps.
 The cows moved forward. They were now just an arm’s length away.
 Trembling Amy backed up step by step, to the fence.

She turned and scrambled over as fast as she could.  The cows watched as she ran down the path. Then they lost interest, and they turned and wandered away from the fence. a.  Why didn’t Amy know the cows were in the field?

Amy she didn’t even go to the field.

b.  What made her think someone was behind her?
 Amy through someone her because heard something  coming close to her.

c.  Why do you think she looked around?
Amy because she thought someone was with the cow’s.

d.  Why did the cows come up to her?
The cows come up to  Because they were studying her.

Reaction question:  My Reaction will be nothing because I like cow’s
Because it makes milk for us.   

Would you have been afraid of these cows? I won’t be afraid because I like animals Why do you say that?  I have seen a cow before.

Today for reading I have been reading a text and answering questions by the text and we all learned about what was the answer because the check our if you are right but for the reaction question you not wrong or right and I like animals because something they doing something for like cows make milk for us or sheep that make us clothing. 

Jonathan-key Evaluation part 2

Key into Evaluation
Level One Set T2

Evaluation requires the skills or reorganisation and inference.  Answers must come from the information in the story. Look for keywords. Consider the writer’s intent.

The Flagman

The man who lives across the road from me has a flagpole in his front yard.  He has lots of different flags, I always look to see which one is flying.

He has one with a bright yellow sun on it and he puts it up on hot summer days.  He put it up on a dark day in the middle of winter a couple of years ago. It didn’t make me feel any different and he hasn’t done it again.  Some of his flags advertise things, some have pictures like the one with the sun, and some are just designs. He loves them all.

He’s not a young man, and he tripped one day, stumbled forward and fell against the wall of his house.  The next thing I knew, he had his arm in plaster and in a sling. The day after that I was surprised to see that his flag was not at the top of the flagpole.  Flying a flag low means someone has died.
a. Who is the first up in the morning, the man across the road or the writer?  The man across the road Why do you say that? Because he don’t know what to put up on the flagpole

b.  Why do you think he flew the flag with the sun on it in the middle of winter? Because the man across the road it didn’t make him feel in a different way and it hasn't been done before .  

c.  Had someone died?  Someone did not die  Why do you say that? Because that the writer was surprised the flag wasn’t up the top of the flagpole it was at the bottom of it

d.  Why did the writer help the man raise the flag higher?
Because the man across the road was upset because He undid the rope and awkwardly tugged on it,so they raise the flag  higher

Reaction question: I will do the same because it will make me happy .
Do you think it was a good thing for the neighbor to fly flags?  Yes Why do you say that? Because it make other people happy  

Today for reading I have been reading text and there were question weren't answer , so I have to read the text to answer the questions and also we share ideas to learn from each other in our reading group and the text was about writer was a man across the road putting flags and writer do not no what the flags mean and that was from the text that I have putting it to answer the question ,