Tuesday, 18 September 2018

wheel Words

Today for reading I played this game that helps me with my reading by reading the big words that  could understand about it , so if I find a big word I search the meaning to the words that I don't know, And also it is fun . This is how to played the game you have to get 22 words in total to find, and you have to used the middle letters to make a word ,and it makes you think a lot what letters to make a word but some times I used one hint to help to make a word and it fun because I learn new word every single day, and the total is 14 out of 22 words.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Making connections

Last Monday I read a book called Sports News with my group. We were doing making connections on a google document. The Text to world is about what has happen in real life from the book that you have read about a storm or famous person that came to show their skills like a skate boarder. I have read about the sports news that the famous people around the world that people played sports, and then teenager was a famous skate boarder that were at town on news name is Ryan Sheckler he is a American skate boarder,and the famous skate boarder on the book name is Arlo Skinner was the world champion of skate boarding and other sports .

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Hit-Final Session

Today was our final session of HIT ,For our HIT exercise were tap step, push up , star jump , sit up , and also for the pas 15 weeks that we have been doing Hit. We did our Hit training for Aut research team to make pau te hau that means getting puff , and we did better than last term because we put more and more effort to it and our heart motor unit it was red to a 100 and everyone do they best to make they make all of the heart motor red. Our HIT were good because we did'nt give up , and the hard part our this HIT session is doing the exercise fast and fast unit we were are buffing and huffing ,But first we do some warm ups before we do the excise like walking on the spot and jogging on the spot and ruining very fast and high keens sprint , and that was fun about doing it is doing excise and do HIT twice a week .

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Addition Changllen

Today for maths Mr Wong has made us a google sheet and he code it with his coding skills and he made addition and subtraction question they were some easy one and some of them were harder , but I haven't stared the my subtraction . Today I have practices addition up to 100 , and I have been thinking hard about how to do it in a another way for addition .

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Wheel Words

Today for reading I played a game called wheel words and I have learnt that making words that I don't know and It was hard because there were lots of words that I have to think of letters to make words and I got 10 out of 24 words. Also I had lot of fun. First you typed the words down , but you will have to used the middle letter to make a words and there are 4 letters words, 5 letter words, 6 letter words, 7 letter words, 8 letter words , and it was hard because I had to think to make a word with the middle letter .

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Orchestra Trip

Today we were going to a trip to the Orchestra and we were going there by a bus that take 37 students that were going to the Orchestra and it was long drive to the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra and it was cool looking around the city and it was my first time going to the Orchestra . When we arrive there we went in it was huge and the building that we were going to the Auckland Tower Hall and when we went into the Tower Hall  doors there was lots of different school that were in the Auckland Tower Hall . Then there were people with instrument and there Brass instrument like trumpet, trombone , tuba , french horn , and there was a woodwind instrument and Percussion  instrument and strings instrument and there was conductor that guides the musicians and he moves his hand with a stick  and move hand up down and turn around . Sometimes that the big drums were loud and that it sounds like big thunder is striking ,  then they make a music of Romeo and Juliet and the heart just sound beautiful like the angles and the tuba was every loud because I was sitting next to the tuba . There was a college that dance and a man was singing and he was loud and it was fun.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

inquiry- building bridge

Today for inquiry in my group we collaborated to make a plan about making a bridge tat long and flat and strong bridge we did the deck of the bridge is compete so we have to make the arch the top of the bridge and the triangle at the bottom deck and I learnt that triangle is stronger shape than any else shape for a bridge and the arch is strong to it make a bridge stronger and stronger . In my group there names is Dallas , Aung naing ,Neveah , and me and my used toothpicks to make a bridge it is very very hard to think about how we going to make the bridge .