Friday, 23 February 2018

softball throw

Today for softball throw we were listing and then we have to been in partner so me and my partner went
and throw the ball so we have to throw the ball like a L so you put you arm back and throw and how you catch it you have to used butterfly hands and my aim is to catch the ball and used the butterfly hands . And
I have learn lots of things and it was raining through.  


Today we did PBS Whakatauki   and we were in partners and my partner is Tai 
and we were working on google drawing and we have to put the meaning like Manaaki Whenua ,
Manaaki Tangata ,Haere Whakamua. Then we put the meaning to it like care for the land , Care for the people , go forward.  And care mean Confidence,Attitude,Respect,Excellence and Innovation . 

Thursday, 22 February 2018

maths / Place Value

Today for maths we were in buddy's and my partner is Nevaeh and we have to
made a google drawing and we have to made a sentence of maths like the explaining
and we have to solve thing in place value and like the one and the ten's and the hundreds , so we have been
writing down not much but there are words on it . And I learn about place values and that easy way  to
learn .

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

PBS/Winter Olympics

Today for inquiry we have partner and my partner is Mele and we finding the information so we can put them on this google drawing and I was doing the winter Olympics and Mele did the PBS that means panmureBridge School. So we have to find the information and put them in the boxes and it was not hard through 
but the photo was easy to put on but me and my partner make the sentence big size like 24 and the other are 20 . And I learn lot's of stuff 

Chinese New Year

At Learning space 2 we had to have a partner  and my partner is Jack so we watch the video of  how Chinese New Year  So then we have a piece of paper and pen and we did a brain storm . Then we writing everything that was on the video . Then we have to get our chrome books and do an explanation about  the Chinese New Year, So my partner made a google doc's and we write down about  the Chinese New Year.  And our tittle is How Chinese New Year being , so we write down 3 graphs about and the ending. When we are done we have to give the people that we were next to they have to comment on our  writing .

How Did Chinese New Year Begin?

Chinese New Year is a global celebration, celebrated by millions of people. How did this greatly celebrated tradition start?

It all began a long time ago, when Nian, a Chinese monster first started attacking villages. Nian started his or her attack on a small village, scaring the people away, and eating the animals. This disturbance continued for the next few years, until a wise old man let out the monsters secret. He began to tell the people about the monsters fears. “Nian can only be scared by fire, loud noises, and the colour red.”

The people of the village were in awe. They ended up believing the old man, and began to plan their strategy. The next time the monster arrived, they began to stand up, and light their flames, and bang on the drums. They wore the colour red, waving red flags at Nian. Nian was shocked, Nian began to run away, never to return again. The old man was right, and ever since, Nian had never been seen.

The people began to celebrate their victory. With food, parades, and a lantern festival. Every year, Chinese New Year will be represented by a new animal. The 12 animals are a rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, hen, dog, and pig. Legend has it, that there was a race between the 12 animals. The winning animals become a representative of the  Chinese New Year. The following places becoming representatives for the following Chinese New Years.

Chinese New Year animals are a way to show personality. Depending on the year you were born, the animal chosen that same year would be the animal you represent.

Jack and Jonathan

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Reciprocal Reading

Inline image 2

Today for reading we did Reciprocal Reading and the year 8 show us what to do
and we were taking turns and it was fun reading the book and the book tittle is constructing
 Big Air. And it was beaning hard to be the leader because we have to read and talk at the same time,
So the leader has the tells the other one to read,or ask question and the meaning to the words .

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Kiwi can reflect

Today we for kiwi can we were talking about Encouragement and there were
games and other stuff and there encouragement in these games like 10 tag's
and our teacher is miss Lily and Mr Matt, so these games have purpose to encouragement
your team mates and will encouragement.