Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Our learning intention is to learn about Japan.

what did you learn to say hi and learn the alphabet in Japan.

what did you learn we used translate and watched a program to learn how to say words in Japan.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Maori Number

today me and Nevaeh were doing Maori Number's

Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Today we did Planes and my plane is a jet and it call SR-71 Blackbird jet and that is my plane and i learn so munch about it and i will do my Best and that is my plane on the Photo and happy Xmas to you.

Blog commnet


HI it jonathan here and how is the Drawing hard you just have to go and ask poeople for Help my blog commnet

today i did blog commnet on Fatongia and  i was help him to ask poeple for help so he no what to do 

I think inference recording

today we did i think and i and we have to learn in the book and then you think about it

SR-71 blackbird jet

engineering marvel, powered by innovative engines that operated most efficiently at Mach 3.2, its typical cruising speed because Engine type that link will take you how much  power of Sr-71 blackbird jet and that is and some Jet’s have different size and wing’s and SR-71 top Speed it is on this go on it and found out Top speed.And  SR-71 wing’s are in this link and you will found it out Wingspan.  And that is the wing’s on SR-71 and they go in war                                             in 1995 and they were losing and they call air support and then the blackbird  jet SR-71  drop grenades and they shoot bullets and the gun is machinegun and they also

` Image result for blackbird jet
today i did wrting about SR-71 and it was fun to do about jet's