Thursday, 15 November 2018

World War 1 Qusetion

LI: Remember to use your own words and acknowledge your information sources and attribute any images you use.

Today I made a DLO  that I had made question about WW1 and think about what I'm going to write, but we had to work in partners to finish this task and also my did the pictures and I did the writing and I had learn that being in a war that were being a risk, but it also tells me that they fight for our country , and so I had look for information to write down what question did I write and answer for it . I learnt that so many children were kill in action and adults and one of my question are what kind of weapons did they bring to war and the answer is they bring mini gun and tanks and planes that drop big rockets and when it hit the ground it blows up.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

10 Question about my book

 This week our school are celebrating of Book week , also I made a google drawing to write ten question about my favorite book goosebumps and I were thinking about the cover and the text sentences about my favorite book.

Alphabet Keys

Our school are celebrating Book week and  I decided to choose the alphabet key because we have many knowledge on this. We had to write author's names or a book title.

Reading Pathway

This week our school is celebrating Book week , and I made a DLO about my reading path ways and my favorite book is goosebumps because I like scary things and it is cool because there are more monster to read about and monster coming back to life and hunting down kids because that there greatest fear. My reading DLO show you about my life of reading books and it show the books I have been read. 

Friday, 9 November 2018

Armistice Commemorations

Today we had our own Armistice Commemorations at PBS and there was special, a Reveille from the NZ defense force and we were putting our poppy in the cross and we were respecting the one that were fighting for our country and we put the biggest one on the wall . Person from the Nz defences force  came to our class rooms and he was in Afghanistan helping people and it was the 100 year for Armistice . Also we did the lost post and the olive tree , and also in flander's field peom and we did  a song for the lost post and the flag had to go up and down and up again . Also we ask question to  the reveille about what the best thing to do to the reveille  .

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Fact about WW1

Image result for ww1

Today for inquiry we have been learning about
WW1 and we have some facts on our learning site and we make tables on a google draft and we have to remember facts about  WW1 on our learning site and it was hard to remember all the facts and we have to check the facts and put an tick next to it and write information about facts.  I have learnt about Germany has handed over their war stuff like guns and etc and also I have learnt about trench's.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Recognising Emotive

 Today for reading I have learnt about Recognising emotive and there are two different kinds of emotive words, they are positive and negative words , and one of the positive words that I chose was amazed and one of my negative words was grumpy . It was very easy to do this because you just
put words from a poem and you put good or bad on it and added some photo's on it and it will show 
it means.