Friday, 10 August 2018

Jonathan- Hit group

Yesterday we were doing excise and for our excise we were doing to hard to we and  , so I keep working my way going to the next level .I will keep doing these excise to getting more and more puff because that my goal and we were all doing our best to make all of us puff and three excise to warm us up and start excise. And there were three students that were doing the warms and we had copy what the three were doing and our warms up were walking on the spot , and jogging on the spot ,and fast running on the spot , and slow and mid and fast star jumps . I was putting everything what I have got and I was getting every puff that I wanted to give up , but I wanted to keep going at the same time and our excise were Push Ups and Squats and Tap Step and fast Star Jumps and everyone was doing their best to be on the red , And we wear a heart motor and we cast it to the seen and it show what the heart motor on the seen it was , and I was so tried and it was fun at the same time and getting stronger and stronger .

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