Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Jonathan-Key Evaluation part 5

Key into Evaluation

Level One Set T5
Fred put down the book he was reading and looked out of the window at the sports car in his yard.  It was worth a lot of money. He had four more in the big shed. Then he smiled to himself and nodded. He had decided.

He didn’t tell anyone what he was doing but we all knew he was up to ‘something’. He spent a lot of time on the phone and even more time making sure that the fence around his yard was in good order.

Then one day he arrived home with two large geese on the back of a truck. He later told me that he had learned of how, one night long ago, the ancient city of Rome had been in danger from invaders. The city’s geese had made such a noise when they heard the enemy coming, that the sleeping people had woken and fought them off.

Fred’s geese spent their days at the back of the yard, and had the run of the whole place at night. Fred said they were cheaper than dogs or an ordinary alarm system. He liked having them around and they were easy to manage. If anyone came near, the geese would make a lot of noise honking and hissing. Fred always knew if there was anyone around who shouldn’t be there.

a.  What had Fred decided?

Looking through the window  at the race cars in his yard.

b.  What was in the book that Fred had been reading?
Racing car’s

c.  What do you think Fred was doing on the phone?
He maybe talking to his friend

d.  Why had Fred brought home the two geese?
Because someone might and come and rob Fred’s
House,And might his yard

Reaction question:  That is good thinking because it loud and wake the person that someone is on their yard .

Do you think Fred’s plan to keep geese was a good one?  To warned Fred that someone is in there house Why do you say that?  Because the geese makes a lot of
This week for reading I have been doing Key Into Evaluation and we did been answering question about
his man call Fred he bring a geese to warned  him that someone is in his house and also I read the text to get information and answer the questions and also there is a reaction question is like what do you about the story. And I learn that to read text's to find answer's. 

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