Wednesday, 9 August 2017

2 words and 1 minute

My dog is big as a fluffy like fluffy ball. And he is good and he is cute and fluffy.And when we not at home he look after that and when he is  naughty he bite but he is my best friend for ever and i hope that he is with me. And my he is the best on in my life and i love him as and fluffy as a ball . And we have fun playing ball and i like when he hug me.

LI: To cheack my work and make sense and proofread
Today Mrs Anderson came to LS1 and told us what to do and we have to pick two topic and we have to write for 1 minute and we have been doing it on the matt and there is 30 seconds to check your work . Then Mrs Anderson told us to in groups and i have Mathew and Aung Naing was in my group and it was a race and we have to make sense and read each other work. I learn that I can write more than 1 minute .

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