Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Two day wonder

I woke up feeling sick and lazy
The street was gloomy and very dark
the sky was grey and dull,
the people are rushing and stressed
The rain pours down on my face as I race
to the classroom.

I woke up feeling fantastic and energetic
The street was upbeat and sunny
the sky was blue and bright,
the people are strolling and relaxed
The sun shines down on my face as I amble
to the classroom.

 Today me and my partner did Juxtaposition is when you have two different situations then put them side by side to create a contrasting effect. Lastly we wrote our own version of a poem similar to David Hill's but for this one it was based on our way to school. The DLO on the top is the poem. Reading a poem with low level words such as sad and happy can be very boring. To help us discover more vocabulary and to help us make our poem more powerful we used a cline. This is a resource that helps develop better words.  and me and my partner make powerful words

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