Thursday, 7 December 2017

Daily Information

This week for reading we have been looking at the 6 news categories. National, International, Business, Sports, Entertainment and Weather. This week we had to get into groups and create a DLO or website including each of the topics but except for Weather. The leaders/editors of the groups were the people from Rudolph the Reading Reindeers. Victoria, Nyjah, Jack, Alex and Joseph but on the day that we were organizing who is in which group, Joseph was away. I was in Victoria’s group. In my group I had Karlos, Matthew, Xavier and Mele. First we discussed who would be doing which category, what we were going to use to put all our information on and the title of our news paper. We agreed that we would be using a google slides and the title of our news paper would be - Daily Information. Victoria’s job as editor was to make sure we were doing our work correctly/properly, make sure our information is true and make sure it is not all copy and pasted. Victoria worked on Entertainment, Xavier and Karlos worked on Business, Matthew worked on national, Mele worked on Sports and I worked on international. The newspaper had to include an attributed image so it could help the reader understand or have a view of what is going on or what it is, the date and a title for the newspaper. Also, the event had to have happened anywhere from the 28th of November to the 4th of December.
Victoria - Editor

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